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Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Nov 18 00:18:08 CST 2002

On November 18, 2002 01:02 am, David Fraser wrote:
> Yup, a nice surprise to see that this morning. Hope your site's
> surviving :-)

Yes, it has, apparently. Repeat after me:

Static Pages Are Good (TM).
Static Pages Are Good (TM).
Static Pages Are Good (TM).


> Seeing as we're getting such coverage, maybe you should move me from the
> compiling Cygwin-on-Wine section to the compiling Wine on Cygwin section 
> as I've actually done that a lot more and probably will continue to do so...

Done. Even though, Cygwin-on-Wine is a lot more 'useful' to Wine... :)


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