Wine with .NET?

Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at
Mon Nov 18 06:56:47 CST 2002

On Monday 18 November 2002 00:37, you wrote:
> Greg / Mark,

> So, in short, I would like to be able to create a development
> environment that would allow me to produce applications on a Linux
> platform using the skills that I already have (or with as little of a
> learning curve as possible) while still being able to maintain and
> develop code geared towards a Microsoft platform.

you can use winemaker to develop windows programms under linux.
headers and stuff in winemaker should be the same as in windows.
so it should look familiar.

Additionally, I would
> really like to NOT spend a butt load of money purchasing additional
> software for my new Linux box since most of my decisions will be based
> out of pure ignorance.
> Not that I want something for nothing, but I
> would like to be able to make knowledgeable decisions before I do invest
> any real money.
you should not need any additional software.
linux offers many development tools ( compiler, debugger etc ) out of the box.

> Which brings me to my next question...
> I have been able to successfully install and run some basic Windows
> specific applications (Trillian, WinZip, etc.), but I've run into some
> strange issues when trying to install things like IE (any version) or
> Office 2000.

Office 2000 and internet exporer still have many bugs under wine.

but i know codeweavers sells crossoffice.
this is an version of wine ( costs $ 54,95.- ) with office improvement.
it is able to run microsoft office / internet explorer and a few other apps
almost flawless, i guess this would be your best bet for now.
checkout for more info.

> Is there a list of applications that people have successfully installed
> and how they did it?
i believe dimi is currently working on something like that.
but it is not yet ready ( scheduled for wine 0.8 ?? )

> Anyway, that's enough babbling for now.  Sorry for being so long-winded.
> I just figure, the more info, the better... on both of our parts.
no prob

> Any info, advice, ramblings, frustrations, or humorous remarks are
> welcome.  Thanx, in advance.

hope this is enough information.
if you want to know more, feel free to ask.

Mark Hannessen

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