Dual boot solves everything?

Dustin Navea Speeddymon at ev1.net
Mon Nov 18 11:03:40 CST 2002

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Subject: Dual boot solves everything?

> Gentlemen,
> First of all, thanks to everyone with your input so far.  I've now been
> able to get IE v6.0 up and running as well as a few other less important
> applications.  Which brings me to a few more questions.
> 1. Since it is possible to use native DLLs with applications, can one
> assume that on a dual boot machine with Win98 SE2 and Red Hat v8.0 that
> it would only be necessary to install the desired application under
> Windows, then add native DLLs to the Wine config file to get [almost]
> *any* Windows application to function?

See below.

> 2. Each time I launch a program, a black window appears that seems to
> make up the "shell" (for lack of a better term) for that instance of the
> application.  This window is always somewhere around 800x600 pixels.  Is
> there any way to not show this window and/or get the size to be
> something else?  I am running in 1600x1200 resolution and only using
> half of the screen is frustrating.

The best way (in fact the only way) I know of is to edit your config file.
Find the option that says "Desktop" = "800x600" and put a semicolon in front
of the whole thing.  If you happen to need to run an app in a desktop window
(as compared to fullscreen) check the AppDefaults section towards the

> 3. Is there an easy way within Linux/Wine to determine what native DLLs
> the application should/could use?

The best way to get the apps you want to run with native dll's is to set the
* option under DllOverrides to native, builtin, but that isnt exactly
helping our cause, we want to get apps to run with the builtin (to wine)
dll's instead of the native ones..  And even when trying to load native
apps, you wont get many popular programs to work.  I discovered that to
install AIM you have to run wine in NT40 mode, and it has to already be
installed (!)  Apparently it installs to a temp dir, then looks for the
files to exist in the install dir, and then moves them to the install dir
from the temp one, and even then the install failed when I tried to run it
from the installer, because it didnt copy over most of the files...  So I


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