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Rick Romero rick at
Mon Nov 18 11:06:40 CST 2002

I was playing with Pegasus Mail (silver list) to see what I could get
working.  It looks like it doesn't detect winsock.dll using it's own
'search algorythm, so the TCP/IP options don't get enabled - hence the
(paraphrased) 'wtf?' in the silver list description.

So, I tried to force Pegasus Mail to load winsock explicitly using the
-Z 128 option:
$wine winpm-32 -Z 128
but wine comes back with 'Unknown option -Z'.

I'm not quite sure how these are getting parsed, but I see in
misc/options.c parse_options()
	if (*p++ != '-') continue;  /* not an option */
 Should exit if the 2nd char isn't a - (am I right?)
 BUT, when parse_options returns to OPTIONS_ParseOptions()
The following:
  /* check if any option remains */
    for (i = 1; argv[i]; i++)
        if (!strcmp( argv[i], "--" ))
            remove_options( argv, i, 1, 0 );
        if (argv[i][0] == '-')
            MESSAGE( "Unknown option '%s'\n\n", argv[i] );
        //    OPTIONS_Usage();
Still picks up '-' as an invalid option.  My first thought would be to
stop checking for options after the 1st and 2nd chars are not '-' (ie.
after the Win32 program name), but I'm not sure if that's correct.

Any thoughts?  (FYI, no, the option didn't make Pmail work.)


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