Possibly my last question... for a while. ;-)

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Mon Nov 18 15:24:19 CST 2002

On Monday 18 November 2002 12:21 pm, Fredrick P. Lackey wrote:
> (By the way, if there is every anything I can do to repay you for
> your assistance and patience, consider it done.)

muahahahaha!  didn't you see that was our plan all along?  Browse around 
winehq.org, and the beta pages at 
http://www.dssd.ca/wine/Wine-0.9-TODO.html.  Or, just try to run your 
favorite programs and debug the problems you encounter.  You will find 
many opportunities for "repayment".

> As much as it pains me to ask, has anyone tried installing VMWare
> v3.x (either the Linux or Windows version) into Red Hat v8.0?  If so,
> did you get it work?  And, if so, then how?

Technically, VMWare for Linux is off topic here.  OTOH, it's a useful 
tool for a wine developer (not to mention a VS/.net developer), so no 
flames from me.  I've used various VMWare's throughout the years, on 
both Windows and Linux, and the bottom line is that they work.  The 
performance hit is quite noticeable, and the RAM and disk requirements 
are downright ridiculous, sometimes, but they work.  I wouldn't worry 
about compatibility problems, just resource limitations.

VMWare for Windows under Linux via Wine sounds like a lost cause to me.  
There are drivers, and super-low-level games and trickery involved, 
which pretty much rules out the wine option.

RTFMing and Google are sufficient to solve most VMWare problems.


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