Daniel Walker diwalker at
Mon Nov 18 17:45:01 CST 2002

    I tried installing this game today, anyway it didn't install (That's
what makes this job fun right?)  .. I found that the installer did this,
CreateFile(GENERIC_READ) SetAttributes(READ_ONLY), then it closed the file.
Then it opened it again and tried to write into it. It was the license.txt
file , interesting..

    So I fixed the problem by forcing SetAttribute to do mode 022 (Group and
all read only) .. But that doesn't seem like a proper fix to me.. I was
thinking changes could be make to CreateFile() so it changes the attributes
before opening the file , only if the person running wine is the owner of
the file? Does anyone have any other thoughts?

    Also, I guess this must mean that some versions of Windows don't enforce
the READ_ONLY attributes ..


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