the dreaded rpcss patch (rpc_J_PL0)

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Nov 18 17:48:34 CST 2002

Greg Turner <gmturner007 at> writes:

> * configure; 
>   dlls/rpcrt4: .cvsignore,, rpc_binding.h, rpcrt4.spec,
>     rpcrt4_main.c, rpc_epmap.c (new);
>   include: rpcdce.h, rpcdcep.h, rpcndr.h, winbase.h;
>   include/wine: rpcss_shared.h (new);
>   programs:;
>   programs/rpcss (new dir): .cvsignore (new), (new),
>     README (new), atomicity.c (new), epmap_server.c (new), 
>     named_pipe_kludge_client.c (new), named_pipe_kludge_server.c (new),
>     rpcss.h (new), rpcss_main.c (new):
>   Greg Turner <gmturner007 at>,
>   Ove Kåven <ovek at>
> - a preliminary implementation of endpoint-mapping via a new
>   on-demand server-ish process ("")
> - more header fixups
> - (re)implement RpcEpRegisterA, RpcEpUnregister, and RpcEpResolveBinding
>   using the new rpcss functionality
> - update the todo list in rpcrt4_main.c a bit

A few things:

- Please don't name files 'kludge_something'; this makes it impossible
  to implement things properly without renaming files.
- Don't share C files between rpcrt4 and rpcss, just copy the stuff
  you need (and at least atomicity.c doesn't seem necessary at all,
  you could just as well make mutex calls directly).
- Please get rid of the various #ifdefs.
- It would be better to put the README documentation directly in
  rpcss_main.c, people don't notice README files in subdirectories.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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