Imporving support for graphics tablets in wine (wintab.dll)

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Mon Nov 18 18:58:36 CST 2002

Robert North wrote:

> Modern graphics tablets also provide pressure and tilt information, 
> essential for quality graphics editors such as Painter & Photoshop.
> Currently graphics tablets are treated as mice in wine, and so cannot 
> provide this information to a Win16/32 app.
> To access pressure & tilt info in Windows, a programmer would use the 
> wintab.dll.
> Has anyone attempted to build a wintab.dll for Wine? 

In my past 3 years of monitoring this list I do not recall anyone trying 
to do this. I could be wrong but my memory is not all that bad...

> I'm interested in attempting an extremely limited implementation for 
> Painter & Photoshop, but
> don't want to reinvent the wheel.
> Assuming nobody has done this what's the first step?
> Raise a bug, and accept it? 


It is not absolutly nessesary to start a bug but I would recommend it. 
 I find it gives you a place to keep track of things and somewhere to 
point to if you run into problems. Another advanatage is that bugzilla 
maintainers such as myself can point other users to it. (if it even 
comes up)


Tony Lambregts

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