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Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Tue Nov 19 05:36:20 CST 2002


Has started working again for me - but I am still
Puzzled as to what the problem was!

Kye Lewis
kyethespy at

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The command LPRT is used for ipv6 over FTP, but I don't know any FTP 
servers that allow this command, maybe oftpd.

Keith Matthews wrote:

>On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 16:29:09 +1100
>"Kye Lewis" <kyethespy at> wrote:
>>While trying to connect to the wineHQ ftp site, I am getting the
>>following error with IE6:
>>200	Type set to A.
>>500	Illegal PORT command.
>>500	LPRT not understood
>Don't know about the last error, but the illegal PORT is typically seen
>when trying to use active FTP from behind a firewall that does not
>support it. 
>Command-line MS FTP clients don't support passive mode and I have heard
>reports that IE does not also. If that is the problem you'll have to
>switch to a Linux box or find a windows FTP client that supports

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