steve.lustbader at steve.lustbader at
Tue Nov 19 10:04:34 CST 2002

>> On 13 Nov 2002 at 14:39, steve.lustbader at wrote:
>> > One of the threads in my app calls CoInitialize, expecting it
>> > to return S_OK (in fact, it's followed by an assert statement
>> > requiring that it returns S_OK).  When I run it in Wine, however,
>> > CoInitialize returns S_FALSE, implying that this thread has
>> > already initialized the COM library.  Other threads call
>> > CoInitialize, but this is the first time that this thread calls it.
>> > Does Wine initialize COM differently from Windows?  Are the other
>> > threads' calls to CoInitialize screwing up this thread's call?
>Sort of, the problem is that Wine doesn't support apartments yet, so it
>doesn't try to keep track of the threads that has called CoInitialize.

Does this mean that COM isn't being initialized properly for the calling
thread, or only that it appears not to be initialized properly?


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