msvcrt vs std incl

Vincent Béron vberon at
Tue Nov 19 12:09:37 CST 2002

Greg Turner a écrit:
> The wine headers are very interesting to me right now.  I guess we need 
> to do something like
>   #if (some hairy condition)
>   typedef WCHAR wchar_t
>   #endif
> in the appropriate place (I guess, stddef.h)?

Actually, in winnt.h (and wtypes.h, although it's #ifdef 0, and 
msvcrt/wctypes.h), we have the exact opposite: typedef wchar_t WCHAR, 
with a default to typedef unsigned short WCHAR if wchar_t is not 
defined. So we need to define wchar_t, not WCHAR.

BTW, I believe MS headers have the same order (wchar_t -> WCHAR).

> Actually, I have similar questions about the programs and dlls trees of 
> wine... for example, Alexandre has requested that I remove #ifdef's 
> from rpcss... but can I safely code against the assumption that 
> defined(NO_NAMELESS_STRUCT)?  The answer (or, more precisely, the 
> ability to answer for myself without bothering you all about it) lies 
> in knowing what the "officially" supported usage scenarios for the 
> rpcss code are... but I'm not sure I do.


in should answer one of your questions.


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