problem with treeview

steve.lustbader at steve.lustbader at
Tue Nov 19 13:51:07 CST 2002

My app calls TreeView_InsertItem, which leads to a crash in ntdll.dll.
A backtrace is available at, and I can
provide any other debug output if anyone thinks it will help.
TreeView_InsertItem is called like this:

TVITEM tviFoo;
tviFoo.mask = TVIF_TEXT | TVIF_PARAM;
tviFoo.lParam = (LPARAM)pFoo;  //pFoo is guaranteed to be non-NULL
tvinsFoo.hParent = TVI_ROOT;
tvinsFoo.hInsertAfter = TVI_LAST;
tvinsFoo.item = tviFoo;
HTREEITEM hTreeFoo = TreeView_InsertItem(m_hWndUserTree, &tvinsFoo);

Any ideas?


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