RFC: console & curses

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Nov 20 03:03:13 CST 2002

Eric wrote:
> N2: one could try running wineconsole USER backend with ttydrv instead
> of x11drv, but that's out of the scope of this (maybe for Dimi's fun
> projects list

ttydrv is not as far out as all that.  I use ttydrv now to
run commandline windows programs that output to stdout.

I *cannot* use the current Debian wine, because *it uses curses*.
Curses renders commandline windows programs useless.
Imagine a program that outputs two lines of text.
With Wine switching to the alternate text screen on entry,
and switching back on exit, *you never see those lines of text, ever*.
And with those escape characters gunking up the output,
you certainly can't pipe the output of wine running that console
program to a file and get anything sensible.

Please help make wine safe for running commandline programs
from the unix shell - let us select 'ttydrv, no curses' easily
somehow!  I'm tired of having a separate .wine directory for
console programs, and I'm tired of debian's wine (and possibly
also the main tree) breaking commandline programs so badly.

- Dan

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