Cygwin/Wine : status update

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Nov 20 04:01:10 CST 2002

Greg Turner wrote:

>On Tuesday 19 November 2002 07:18 pm, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
>>Cygwin bash currently fails to execute due to OpenProcessToken.
>>Looking in source, I see that advapi32.OpenProcessToken calls
>>This functions is a stub that returns always false today.
>OpenProcessToken is an NT-only feature, right?  What does Cygwin do for 
>windows 9x?
Cygwin has a struct, wincap, which indicates what Windows capabilities 
are present.
This has a member, has_security, which is checked before any security 
functions like OpenProcessToken
are used.
The struct is initialized in which calls GetVersionEx to 
determine the version
of Windows being used, then copies a const version of the wincap struct 
for that
Windows version onto the actual struct used. This has has_security set 
to false for non-NT versions
of Windows.
So presumably setting the Wine version should avoid this... haven't 
checked though,
just looked at the cygwin sources


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