Pegasus Mail 4.02 ('Silver' App)

Rick Romero rick at
Wed Nov 20 10:18:26 CST 2002

Hey all, I'm currently testing out Pegasus Mail, and I've noticed three
issues that I would like to help with debugging.

One issue I've found is a window refesh issue. 

By default Pegasus Mail will minimize to the system tray, not the
This doesn't work.  Once you've minimized Pmail, or merely changed to
another virtual desktop, the app window no longer responds. (the default
ison - must turn off).  With the window open, Pegasus Mail IS on the
taskbar, only the option is checked for that to disappear if the app is

After you turn the 'taskbar' setting back on, everything works fine.

The second issue, I've noticed that double-clicking the system tray icon
does notrestore Pegasus Mail.  I can minimize it so it appears both on
the taskbar and the system tray, but I can't restore the application
from the system tray icon (though I can from the taskbar).

You CAN right-click, and get a menu.  The two menu options sort of work:
    New Mail information, opens a new window that has the number
	 of new messages.  Works fine.

The third issue the the systray icon's 2nd menu item:
    Start a New Mail Message, does just that, but the window starts
          shrunk down. All you can see is the "Message(F8)" Tab
	  of that window.  Once you resize the window, it appears 	  to work

I'm not sure if all these issues can be covered with one trace, let me
know what steps you want me to take to try and resolve these issues.



Rick Romero
IT Manager	
Valeo, Inc.	ph: 262.695.4841
Sussex, WI.	fax: 262.695.4850
Rick at

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