RFC: console & curses

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Wed Nov 20 12:38:07 CST 2002

Dan Kegel a écrit :
> Eric wrote:
> > N2: one could try running wineconsole USER backend with ttydrv instead
> > of x11drv, but that's out of the scope of this (maybe for Dimi's fun
> > projects list
> ttydrv is not as far out as all that.  I use ttydrv now to
> run commandline windows programs that output to stdout.
ttydrv isn't meant to run CUI programs. ttydrv is a graphical backend to
gdi (which happens to display on a textual terminal)

> I *cannot* use the current Debian wine, because *it uses curses*.
=> because ttydrv uses curses, not because wine uses curses

> Please help make wine safe for running commandline programs
> from the unix shell - let us select 'ttydrv, no curses' easily
> somehow!  
just do wine mypgm 

the issue you're having right now is that:
- wine, at startup, always create a specific task to handle the desktop
(even just a CUI program is run, but you cannot tell in advance)
- this requires gdi & user to be loaded
- you cannot use x11drv if X11 isn't running
- you cannot use ttydrv because it'll control your terminal
- therefore, in this case, a null drv would be indeed needed (that
should't be too hard to build)


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