Pegasus Mail 4.02 ('Silver' App)

Rick Romero rick at
Wed Nov 20 12:36:19 CST 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 10:59, Duane Clark wrote:
> Rick Romero wrote:
> > Hey all, I'm currently testing out Pegasus Mail, and I've noticed three
> > issues that I would like to help with debugging.
> >
> > ...
> > The second issue, I've noticed that double-clicking the system tray icon
> > does notrestore Pegasus Mail.  I can minimize it so it appears both on
> > the taskbar and the system tray, but I can't restore the application
> > from the system tray icon (though I can from the taskbar).
> >
> This can be fixed by this patch:
> Alexandre did not like the way I did that, so hopefully you can figure 
> out the right fix :-)

I think you snipped the wrong issue :)

You patch fixed:
> By default Pegasus Mail will minimize to the system tray, not the
> taskbar.
> This doesn't work.  Once you've minimized Pmail, or merely changed to
> another virtual desktop, the app window no longer responds. (the 
> default is on - must turn off).  With the window open, Pegasus Mail IS
> on the taskbar, only the option is checked for that to disappear if
> the app is minimized.

I'm not sure what Alexandre may not have liked other than the extra
stuff that was in there, so I yanked out the extra things that didn't do
anything, and did a cvs diff -u .

How is this one?  (Should I have done it from wine/ instead ?)

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