Pegasus Mail 4.02 ('Silver' App)

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Wed Nov 20 16:07:25 CST 2002

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Subject: Re: Pegasus Mail 4.02 ('Silver' App)

> Rick Romero wrote:
> >
> >
> > I'm not sure what Alexandre may not have liked other than the extra
> > stuff that was in there, so I yanked out the extra things that didn't do
> > anything, and did a cvs diff -u .
> >
> > How is this one?  (Should I have done it from wine/ instead ?)
> >
> Well, here was his comment at the time:
<!-- Grabbed from hypermail -->

> Duane Clark <dclark at> writes:
> > Unlike most other apps, when iconified fpga_editor triggers
> > X11DRV_ShowWindow() with a cmd==SW_HIDE, to hide the window. When
> > X11DRV_MapNotify() was subsequently called, it did nothing because
> > WS_VISIBLE was not set. This patch fixes that.
> >
> > I've been using this patch with everything I run for about 5 months now.
> >
> > Log message:
> >  Fix restoring of windows that were iconified with SW_HIDE.
> Well, SW_HIDE is supposed to hide the window, not iconify it, so we
> are not supposed to get a MapNotify at this point. What is probably
> missing is proper handling for hiding an iconified window.

It seems to me like Pegasus Mail is whats broken here.  The whole issue is
that SW_HIDE is called after the window is minimized, then when restored
SW_SHOW is not called because we arent supposed to receive a MapNotify, and
so it shows the window decoration (because the way the WM's handle windows)
and not the contents because they are still hidden.  But I guarantee that if
this was windows and it was doing this same thing, it wouldnt even show the
decoration because to windows the decoration and the contents are all the
same thing...

My point is that we should apply this hack until proper handling is
implemented, as I dont personally forsee anything getting messed up by it.
Maybe apply it but with an if to see if the window is hidden would be a
better patch, but thats about the only change I can see fit to it aside from
holding off until proper iconification is implemented, which would not be in
wine's best interests IMHO.


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