Seperating winelibs from main wine

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Nov 21 07:05:39 CST 2002

Mark Hannessen wrote:

>>A couple of questions - if a program uses Winelib, is it all statically
>>linked or do you still need a wine installation for it to work.
>winelib apps need wine dll functions and are not static compiled.
>so wine is needed to run wine apps
I started writing this mail, and during writing realized that I'm not 
sure what I was about to suggest made any sense. This is a question to 
the forum, then.

Does it make sense to ask packagers to package Winelib seperately from 
wine (obviously, wine needs winelib to run, but that is a piece of cake 
for any decent packaging system I know, with the sole exception of the 
various windows installers, hint hint)? Does such a request have any 
meaning at all?

I realize that you COULD say that the sourcedir/dlls directory's output 
should go into winelib, the header into winelib-devel, and the wine 
executable, and sourcedir/programs output into the wine package, but I'm 
not at all sure that would leave you with a usable winelib package.

Comments, anyone?


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