Compiling wine problem: redhat 8 libperl-devel?

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Nov 21 10:20:04 CST 2002

Mike Hearn a écrit:

>As the prospect of having to go back to XP is looming if I can't get the
>adobe svg plugin working properly, I'm trying to build my own Wine, and
>then point CrossOver to it so stuff like IE will (hopefully) continue to
>work well. Unfortunately the compile dies when it tries to build
>winetest, as I think it needs the libperl development headers.
>Unfortunately I can't find an RPM of these headers anywhere, does
>anybody know where I could find them?
>thanks -mike
My perl headers (XSUB.h, etc.) come from perl-5.8.0; there's no separate 
package for headers (at least on RH-8.0).


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