COM Enhancement patch

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Thu Nov 21 13:11:30 CST 2002

John K. Hohm wrote:

>>Well, I was hoping some of the COM experts would comment on that. If
>>I understand it right you are avoiding writing some thunking routines
>>for older interfaces, at the cost of an extra pointer access in every
>>function. I'm not convinced it's a good trade-off, but I'd like to
>>hear other opinions.
>I might not exactly be an expert, but I don't like the extra work being done
>everywhere with the extra pointer.  If writing the thunk functions is really so
>cumbersome, perhaps a macro for generating the thunk functions is in order.
The COM patch does not only aim to avoid generating thunks but also to 
remove the thunks that obfuscate the
code and to make the code easier to understand.
Indeed in the code they are just thunks and thunks + some conversions. 
And I think it can good to see the
conversion code alone rather that lost in a bunch of useless thunks.

Maybe there are others ways to have a cleaner code (that makes intense 
use of multiple interfaces)...

Anyway, as Lionel pointed out, we will do without the patch.
I hope his "revival" patch will be applied as soon as possible so real 
D3D development can start. :-)


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