Seperating winelibs from main wine

Geoff Thorpe geoff at
Thu Nov 21 14:07:54 CST 2002

On November 21, 2002 01:42 pm, Steven Edwards wrote:
> >Winelib apps have no direct dealings with the wineserver.
> >However, our DLL interface is not that stable yet, that's
> >why we're pushing to finish the DLL separation (Phase 1).
> >Check out the 0.9 TODO! :)
> This was what I was talking about. It MAY be possible for current
> winelib binarys to work with later WINE versions but it shouldnt be
> supported untill a 1.x branch is taged.

Perhaps this is a naive suggestion, but why don't you simply put 
versioning (and checking) in the wineserver protocol? IIUC, the issue is 
about handling (and failing gracefully if necessary) the situation where 
winelib applications talk to incompatible versions of wineserver, so this 
would seem to be the obvious "fix"?


Geoff Thorpe
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