Seperating winelibs from main wine

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Nov 21 14:27:36 CST 2002

Geoff Thorpe a écrit:
> On November 21, 2002 01:42 pm, Steven Edwards wrote:
>>>Winelib apps have no direct dealings with the wineserver.
>>>However, our DLL interface is not that stable yet, that's
>>>why we're pushing to finish the DLL separation (Phase 1).
>>>Check out the 0.9 TODO! :)
>>This was what I was talking about. It MAY be possible for current
>>winelib binarys to work with later WINE versions but it shouldnt be
>>supported untill a 1.x branch is taged.
> Perhaps this is a naive suggestion, but why don't you simply put 
> versioning (and checking) in the wineserver protocol? IIUC, the issue is 
> about handling (and failing gracefully if necessary) the situation where 
> winelib applications talk to incompatible versions of wineserver, so this 
> would seem to be the obvious "fix"?

There already is a versioning in the wineserver protocol; I believe the 
present version is 68 or 69. The problem lies in using an app compiled 
for another version than the installed wine libraries/server, and/or 
surviving upgrades in the installed wine libraries/server without 
recompiling the winelib app.


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