PuTTY update

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Thu Nov 21 16:12:23 CST 2002


Here's a quick status update on PuTTY as a Winelib app:
  1. It compiles, links, and runs perfectly (Yay!)
  2. I've talked to the PuTTY folks, and they agreed
     to add Winelib as one of their targets in their
     build process (provided I do the patch :))
  3. I've modified they Makefile-generation Perl scrip
     to do just that.

What is missing:
  1. The winspool issue I've sent earlier is bugging me.
     They link against -lwinspool, we require -lwinspool.drv
     This is very awkward to implement, and my patch would
     become a lot more intrusive (and maybe unacceptable).
     We need to fix this on our end, so we're compatible.
  2. The winewrapper thing I've just sent out. I can't send
     them a bunch (they generate like 7 apps) of silly
     wrapper scrips, that'd be ridiculous.

Help in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.
I'd like to send them the patch sooner rather than later,
so that (1) they don't change their mind, and (2) I don't
forget what I was doing! :)


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