Wine & Boehm garbage collector

François-Denis Gonthier fgonthier at
Thu Nov 21 19:21:59 CST 2002

Hello Wine-Devel

I have not filled a bug with this a some of you may already know a solution
to this problem.

I've a contributor to the Mono project ( working on
the System.Windows.Forms namespace.  It has been decided to use Wine to
implement this assembly since the S.W.F is rather tightly bound to the Win32

But we are facing a nasty problem.  Current Mono implementation is using
Hans Boehm conservative garbage collector and Wine cannot seems to work
happily with that garbage collector.  The temporary solution for development
is to use Mono without garbage collection.  This solution however, should
not even be considered when Mono and it's System.Windows.Forms
implementation will go mainstream.

I've joined a small test case so one can try.  Wine just crash at the first
call to GC_malloc.  Any help or advice is appreciated.

François-Denis Gonthier
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#include <gc/gc.h>

int WinMain (void)

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