Interesting control samples

Mehmet YASAR myasar at
Fri Nov 22 05:01:57 CST 2002


I just found, they seems to provide a Toolkit 
to enhance any app (giving Microsoft's new UI look), the most 
interesting for Wine is that you can download 40 basic samples of 
different controls.

Few notes :
- A quick test shows that Wine can't launch any exe.
- No source code is included

I thought it may be a good test case ...

Here is the list of samples included in XTSetupSamples_1931.exe :

AccelDemo.exe		BrowseDialog.exe	BrowseEdit.exe	
Button.exe		CaptionBar.exe		CheckListBox.exe 	
ColorPicker.exe		CommonControls.exe	CoolMenu.exe	DockingDemo.exe	 
EditListBox.exe		FlatCombo.exe
FlatHeader.exe		FlatTabCtrl.exe		FlatTabView.exe	
GUI_Explorer.exe	GUI_Outlook.exe		GUI_VisualStudio.exe
GUI_WinZip.exe		HexEdit.exe		HyperLink.exe	
ListCtrl.exe		MaskEdit.exe		MDITabWindows.exe
MultiFrameDocking.exe	OutlookBar.exe		Pager.exe
PrintPreview.exe	SearchOptions.exe	SplitterWindow.exe
StatusBar.exe		TabbedView.exe		TabCtrlBar.exe
TabCtrl.exe		TipOfTheDay.exe		TipWindow.exe
TrayIconDemo.exe	TrayIconDlg.exe		TreeCtrl.exe


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