David Fraser davidf at
Fri Nov 22 05:02:15 CST 2002

Brian Vincent wrote:

>First, take a look at:
>Quite a few folks have sent stuff in.  Now, after looking at so
>many screenshots and trying to evaluate them for content I've
>realized a few things..
>1) We're absolutely going to have to insist on 800x600 resolution.
>Thanks for all the ones so far, but really the only usable ones 
>are the 800x600.  (There are exceptions, such as Mike's Quicktime
>one that can be resized nicely.)
>2) Screenshots of an application doing something are the way to
>go.  For instance, the one Mike just sent me showing Adobe's SVG
>plug-in in IE is WAY cool.  Unfortunately it's not usable because
>of the resolution.  Even a pull-down menu being pulled down is enough. 
>3) Cluttered desktops suck.  You don't need to have 3 terminal
>windows, Mozilla, and everything else in the background.  For the most 
>part I think the screenshots have followed that rule closely. 
Is there a reason I get a 403 error (Forbidden: You don't have 
permission to access /~vinn/ss/Rick_Romero/PegasusMail1.png on this server.)
on all of Rick_Romero's submissions? Are they secret?
Can I make a suggestion as well that complicated desktop background pictures
are unhelpful ... they make the file a lot bigger without contributing 
That said,for apps which you can run to occupy all available screen 
space this
is not a problem.


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