wm_mousehover bug fix.....

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Fri Nov 22 11:28:31 CST 2002

On 22 Nov 2002, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Sorry to kind of spam, it was much easier to fix it than I thought it
> would be. Hacking wine isn't so hard after all......
> input.c line 970 should be: 
> PostMessageA(TrackingList[i].tme.hwndTrack, WM_MOUSEHOVER,
> get_key_state() , (pos.y << 8) + (pos.x));

That doesn't make much sense, is the X and Y coordinates really always
less than 256? Brings back memories of the the CGA days...

Perhaps you meant (pos.y << 16). But if so, you should probably use the

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