RFC: console & curses

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 22 12:24:02 CST 2002

"Dimitrie O. Paun" a écrit :
> On November 21, 2002 04:44 pm, Eric Pouech wrote:
> > this won't support the case where the app creates it own console after
> > it has started
> Duh! Forgot about that one. This is getting funny :) What about this one:
>   When we create a console, we start a process (say wconsole, since the
>   wineconsole is taken :)) that starts the console of our choice, and then
>   communicates back to us, somehow, the stdin, stdout, and stderr handles.
as I wrote, the issue is not about creating the console (that's doable),
it's about keeping it open while all apps attached to this console are
and in all the cases it creates a huge amount of code/work to be created
(and I not even sure that's doable in a 100% bullet proof fashion)


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