wintab.dll: Copyright & trademark issues.

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Fri Nov 22 15:04:43 CST 2002

As I mentioned in an e-mail a couple of days back,
I'm about to start implemening a version of wintab.dll.
First I want to ask about legal issues:

1. trademark issues.

wintab is a trademark.
Does this impact on the ability to implement wintab.dll

2. API header files.
Please look at the licence for the API files, avaialable at the 
following URL:
Does this allow our use of the headers, in Wine?
Does it allow the use of fragments of the headers in Wine?

This is not too much of an issue, as I understand it's OK to re-write
compatible headers "In your own words".

3. I am in the UK, how does this affect the copyright/trademark issues

Ok, some background about wintab:
wintab.dll is an "open industry standard"  API
developed by a group of tablet manufacturers, and seems to
be currently maintained by the company LCS/Telegraphics.
Web page for wintab:
LCS/Telegraphics home:

I also found this organiation that LCS belongs to interesting:

Many thanks -Rob.

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