Menu selection algorithm

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Nov 22 20:31:18 CST 2002

"Shachar Shemesh" <wine-devel at> wrote:

> So, what's the problem - you ask? While my view of what should happen is 
> obviously consistant with that of Wine's - i.e. - the locale should 
> select which menu to use, Windows displays the English locale ONLY. The 
> only way I could make it display the Hebrew one was by changing the 
> language on the English one to something else (French).

I revived my old test for FindResource and now I see what are you talking about.
LoadStringA/W and FindResourceA/W under Win2000 do search for language resource
in the following order:
1. Neutral language with neutral sublanguage
4. Current locale lang id
5. Current locale lang id with neutral sublanguage
6. Return first in the list

But that means that the whole our internationalization will not work, if
we will go that way. But the question I have is: had I made an error when
I did the test under Win95OSR2 or MS has changed algorithm since then?


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