Doubleclick in systray (was Pegasus Mail 4.02)

Duane Clark dclark at
Sat Nov 23 18:38:37 CST 2002

Duane Clark wrote:

> The problem here appears to be that under WinNT, when double clicking on
> the systray icon under WinNT, messages are sent for mouse down (message
> 201), mouse up (message 202), double click (message 203) (the message
> 200 is extraneous):
> ...
> While under Wine, what is sent are two pairs of mouse down, mouse up
> messages:

And just as a bit more info, under both WinNT and Wine, the systray gets 
the dual mouse down, mouse up sequence. The SYSTRAY_WndProc() function 
directly the posts messages to the app. So it appears to me that it is 
the responsibility of SYSTRAY_WndProc() to keep track of the clicks, and 
create the doubleclick message. Does that sound reasonable?

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