[Fwd: [Bug 688] - make documentation produces only files as 'x6772.html']

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Sat Nov 23 20:15:29 CST 2002

Le sam 23/11/2002 à 16:19, Tony Lambregts a écrit :
> \040 -d|--dsl <file>|default|none:\t Specify an alternate style sheet\n\
> \040 -s|--sgmlbase <path>: \t Change base directory for SGML distribution\n\

Here's the use of -d and -s for Tony's jw. They are the same as mine.
Joerg's are different (-d for DVI output, -s for the style sheet).
So we cannot use db2html (or docbook2html), because each of them call
We'll have to call jade directly (probably similar to what's in
db2html-winehq, if not that file).

>   -d|--dsl)	SGML_STYLESHEET=$2
> 		shift 2
> 		;;

>  -d|--dsl)    case "$2" in
>                 /*|none|default) SGML_STYLESHEET="$2" ;;
>                  *) SGML_STYLESHEET="$SGML_CURRENT_DIRECTORY/$2" ;;
>               esac

Top is Tony's (docbook-utils-0.6.9), bottom is mine
(docbook-utils-0.6.11). You see that the first one directly uses
whatever stylesheet we gave it, while the second makes sure there's a
path component. In conjunction with the cd's below, it explains why it
doesn't work for Tony while it works for me. This is easy to fix: just
feed it an absolute path rather than a relative.


Pair of cd's, explaining the need for an absolute path for the style

I just need to find a way to work with Suse (as I haven't heard anything
else for other distributions).


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