Screwed up textures in OpenGL apps

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Sat Nov 23 21:45:33 CST 2002

I'd asked this before, but received no response, so I'll ask it again.

Does anybody have any suggestions on where to start debugging textures 
being wrong under OpenGL apps under Wine? Specifically, I am trying to 
get HalfLife-Blue Shift to run, but all the "static" textures (walls, 
floors, etc.) are screwed up.

The "dynamic" textures on things like people are fine.

Now, I USED to have Halflife running great, but then I upgraded my 
system to a SMP P3 system (I had been running a UMP P3) (the old system 

All my native apps (Q3A, RTCW, gears, etc.) are just fine. Only Windows 
apps running under Wine are screwed up.

Does anybody have a simple Windows OpenGL app I can use for testing? Or 
a direction to begin looking in?

I do know this - forcing OpenGL to go to indirect rendering does NOT fix 
the textures - they are still just as screwed up, just a lot slower.

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