Wintab.dll technical issues.

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Sun Nov 24 14:29:13 CST 2002

Firstly a quick note:
I have opened a bug for implementation of wintab.dll (Bug No. 1160)

Now the questions:

1: Writing stubs.
I'll be taking up Patrik Stridvall's offer to write stubs for anyone new 
to wine development.
One question about stubs:
What's the wine policy on stub return values?
Should a stub always return an error?
Should/Can it return success?

2: Testing wintab.dll in Win98.
wintab.dll is quite complex for what it does.
Therefore the only practical way to implement it is
to work on the functions and communication models that are
used by the apps I want it to support.

To do this, I need some tool that can log the function calls and
parameters to the DLL, while wunning Win98.The logging must be able to 
let the
programmer choose elements from data stuctures in parameters/retvals to log.
Any ideas????

I've attempted to use apis32 and built a wintab.fnl file for wintab.dll.
Unfortunately apis32 doen't allow the logging of the contents of data 

I would also like to know experinces with Spy++.
Wintab can send it's own custom messages, so I'm wondering how good
Spy++ is at detecting custom messages?

I've used it many times before, but only to examine standard windows 

3: Coding standards.
I haven't found any coding standards associated with wine.
This is particularly important, as I'll be writing new source files.
Can someone point me to the standards?

Hope you guys have the answers

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