Exe, Com and PATH

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 24 18:59:57 CST 2002

Wanting to run msdos debugger, I ran from c:\ : wine debug.
the 2 debug that exists on my fake windows are

My PATH variable is set as
"Path" = "c:\\program\

Currently running wine debug from c:\ runs
c:\windows\command\debug.exe,ignoring debug.com in the current
directory. This is not the behaviour expected in real windows.

These are 2 problems here : 
- Normally dos looks first in current directory => would load
There is a problem with PATH here.

- Putting 2 files with a .exe and .com with the same name in the same
directory loads the .exe first, which shouldn't happen.

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