Off Topic: Off-list help needed with SGML Tools please

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun Nov 24 23:26:39 CST 2002

For some reason I cant get SGMLTools to compile properly, everything but
jade compiles but when it goes to compile that, I get a bunch of
errors.  I could leave out jade but thats what Im needing to compile to
build sgml docs...  I have tested this with Slackware 8.1 default GCC
and the prepackaged GCC 3.2.1 Source from Slackware-current and neither
would compile it.  I also tested that its not just Slackware's GCC... 
Redhat 8.0 would not compile it either with GCC 3.2.1...  So if anyone
can help me it would be most appreciated..  I still have a couple of
other things to try (installing the latest slackware binutils, and
trying out CVS sgmltools, if i can ever connect to the cvs server) :/


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