Coding standards

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Nov 25 01:54:57 CST 2002

On November 25, 2002 02:38 am, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> 3. Tab size should be around 3 characters. Some prefer 2, some prefer 4,
> but if the above guidlines are followed this should not change the
> correctness of rendering.

Sorry, I think this is just plain wrong. Tab was always defined as being 8.
Any other definition will just make code look like shit. We (the Wine ppl)
almost never use 8 spaces indentation in the code. And _nobody_ uses just
tabs to indent code. So all this tab rules simply has no chance in hell
of working. Moreover, even if they do, they require Wine-specific editor
settings which is just silly. Many times you edit things in editors you
either can not control, or are not on your machine, and don't have the
time and inclination to configure.

Just stick to the standard: tab is 8. No mess, no fuss.


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