Doubleclick in systray (was Pegasus Mail 4.02)

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon Nov 25 02:38:36 CST 2002

> > And just as a bit more info, under both WinNT and Wine, the systray
> > gets the dual mouse down, mouse up sequence. The SYSTRAY_WndProc()
> > function directly the posts messages to the app. So it appears to me
> > that it is the responsibility of SYSTRAY_WndProc() to keep track of
> > the clicks, and create the doubleclick message. Does that sound
> > reasonable?
>Something like this might help:
>Index: dlls/shell32/systray.c
>-         = CS_SAVEBITS;

I don't know about all the windows stuff but I'm not sure that this is the 
place. I already had the same problem with a normal dialog.

and the "solution":

Looks like (almost) every item has the double clicks flag set in Windows but
not in wine. So maybe a more general approach is needed.


bye    Fabi

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