Winelib Apps v0.1

Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at
Tue Nov 26 05:08:32 CST 2002

very nice site.

but there is one ( very ) small i would like to see.

i think colors should represent the status of winelibs

mozilla has a yellow color ( but does not run )
once a prog runs ( putty ) it should be green ( or some other color )

this way we can easily see what works and what does not

perhaps we could include a link to the project website as well ?

Mark Hannessen

On Tuesday 26 November 2002 06:04, wine-devel-request at wrote:
> Folks,
> Version 0.1 of the Winelib Applications page is available here:
> The current version is always available at this address
> Your comments, and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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