Help needed - CreateScalableFontResource

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Wed Nov 27 01:42:34 CST 2002

I will test the patch tonight.

I will just mention that I got permission to give the fonts in question 
to the subscribers of this list for the purpose of making this app work. 
It's useful when the person most interested in this app on Linux is the 
copyright holder's lawer..... :-)

Anyone who thinks having the actual Font will help is encouraged to 
contact me via email, and I'll send it.

On a related note - though I couldn't use the font from Wine in an 
unrelated app, I could use it in Windows. There is one, possibly 
important, difference, however. While in Wine I installed the font, on 
Windows I opened my test app while the other app was running (and thus - 
exporting the font).


Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> That did not work. Both CreateScalableFontResource and AddFontResource 
> work. The application then goes on to enumerate the fonts, and 
> X11Drv.EnumDeviceFonts fails to detect any "Amir" fonts. Output of 
> +all of relevant part is at the end.
> Any idea why?
> I will just mention that I am using fonts installed in the 
> windows/Fonts directory.
> Also, when investigating the font in pfaedit, it seems all text is 
> defined in the user defined area. I'm not sure what it means. I tried 
> converting the font to a "standard" one, but that did not solve the 
> problem either.
>            Shachar
> Huw D M Davies wrote:
>> You could try hacking CreateScalableFontResource to return TRUE.  The
>> next thing the app will do is to call AddFontResource using the .FOT
>> filename, this will also fail so you might have to fix the return
>> value for that function too.  However if you have the TTF files in
>> c:\windows\fonts then hopefully the app will be happy.
>> CreateScalableFontResource is on my todo list.
> Not the problem so far.
>> Note that the app is also failing to load some 16bit user functions,
>> so even with the fonts fixed you may have more problems later on...
>> Huw.
> 080b6888:trace:global:GlobalHandle16 01af
> 080b6888:Call GDI.330: ENUMFONTFAMILIES(0860,030f40da 
> "Amir",0aaf0008,06b7d86c) ret=030f:070e ds=06b7
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.lstrcpynA(41472b92,403dba6a "Amir",00000020) 
> ret=409ee486
> 080b6888:trace:string:lstrcpynA (0x41472b92, "Amir", 32)
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.lstrcpynA() retval=41472b92 ret=409ee486
> 080b6888:Call kernel32._EnterSysLevel(40a1b9a4) ret=409f2e47
> 080b6888:trace:win32:_EnterSysLevel (0x40a1b9a4, level 3): thread 
> 80b6888 (fs 0287, pid 1061) count before 0
> 080b6888:trace:win32:_EnterSysLevel (0x40a1b9a4, level 3): thread 
> 80b6888 (fs 0287, pid 1061) count after  1
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32._EnterSysLevel() retval=0000006d ret=409f2e47
> 080b6888:trace:gdi:GDI_GetObjPtr (0x860): enter 1
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.MultiByteToWideChar(00000000,00000000,41472b92 
> "Amir",ffffffff,414729fc,00000020) ret=409ed821
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.MultiByteToWideChar() retval=00000005 ret=409ed821
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.MapLS(41472af0) ret=409ee256
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.MapLS() retval=09d72af0 ret=409ee256
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.MapLS(41472a3c) ret=409ee25f
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.MapLS() retval=09d72a3c ret=409ee25f
> 080b6888:Call 
> x11drv.EnumDeviceFonts(4149f1b0,414729e0,409ee02c,41472b34) ret=409ee27f
> 080b6888:Ret  x11drv.EnumDeviceFonts() retval=00000000 ret=409ee27f
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.UnMapLS(09d72af0) ret=409ee28e
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.UnMapLS() retval=00000001 ret=409ee28e
> 080b6888:Call kernel32.UnMapLS(09d72a3c) ret=409ee296
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32.UnMapLS() retval=00000001 ret=409ee296
> 080b6888:trace:gdi:GDI_ReleaseObj (0x860): leave 1
> 080b6888:Call kernel32._LeaveSysLevel(40a1b9a4) ret=409f2fe3
> 080b6888:trace:win32:_LeaveSysLevel (0x40a1b9a4, level 3): thread 
> 80b6888 (fs 0287, pid 1061) count before 1
> 080b6888:trace:win32:_LeaveSysLevel (0x40a1b9a4, level 3): thread 
> 80b6888 (fs 0287, pid 1061) count after  0
> 080b6888:Ret  kernel32._LeaveSysLevel() retval=0000006d ret=409f2fe3
> 080b6888:trace:global:GlobalHandle16 01af
> 080b6888:Ret  GDI.330: ENUMFONTFAMILIES() retval=0000 ret=030f:070e 
> ds=06b7
> 080b6888:trace:global:GlobalHandle16 0137

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