Getting DirectX emulation to work

Z_God zeldario at
Wed Nov 27 09:10:08 CST 2002

If you cannot get OpenGL to work, I think DirectX also won't work.
DirectX (Direct3D) has to be supported by wrapping all Direct3D calls to 
OpenGL. Thus you need to have OpenGL working to get Direct3D support.
Also this wrapping often slows down the application.

Op woensdag 27 november 2002 14:29, schreef David D. Hagood:
> Since I can no longer get OpenGL textures to work under Wine, I'd like
> to try to get the DirectX emulation working. However, when I configure
> an app to use DirectX, I get a "You have selected a mode your graphics
> card does not support" message.
> Since the color depth and resolution are the same as OpenGL settings
> that work (save for the hosed textures), I would think this should work.
> Are there some magic registry entries that need to be created?

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