Whither SwitchToThread()?

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Wed Nov 27 10:36:33 CST 2002

> On November 27, 2002 10:55 am, Sean Mitchell wrote:
> > I told my boss that I posted the query last night and had a 
> response with a
> > fix waiting for me this morning. He is lukewarm about Open 
> Source, but when
> > I told him about this he was very, very impressed. He's 
> never seen that
> > sort of response from a commercial vendor except in a few emergency
> > situations.
> It's hard to explain this to people without them experiencing 
> it, isn't it?
> I have tried several times to explain it, but I sound as I'm 
> exagerating
> every time... :) On the other hand, response from commercial 
> vendors of
> large apps has always been bad for me. Real bad. Oh well...
> > Incidentally, should I open a bug for this, or is it 
> already committed to
> > the tree?
> It's not commited, but I would not bother with it. The patch is in
> Alexandre's queue, and it should make it in the tree anytime now.

Hmm. Which reminds me. In theory we could do even better. Since Alexandre
has to approve each patch we get a slightly larger "turnaround" time for
"obvious" fixes like the one this thread is about.

So why not have a special CVS tree (or perhaps branch of the current tree)
for Winelib users where anybody of the regular Wine developers could check
in "obvious" fixes for immediate use.

Lets impress even more people of our quick response. :-)
While this perhaps is 
1. Perhaps something CVS is unsuited for (but Alexandre said we
   might switch to Subversion eventually).
2. Perhaps something that should wait until post 1.0
it might be worth discussing.

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