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Rajesh Akkineni rajesh_akkineni at
Wed Nov 27 11:23:32 CST 2002

Hi all,
Just today i have joined the mailing list. I hope i
can find solutions for my problems here. Actually i am
working with MS MediaPlayer (v7 I think). 
When i try that progam with debugger, the program is
stopping with some 7 to 8 hreads running..and all the
threads are stpping in the method "ConnectNamedPipe"

When I have searched the MSDN about it..i came to know
that it will return only when one of the two
methods("CreateFile", CallNamedPipe") are called. I
have kept a Break point on the "ConnectNamedPipe" and
the program is stopping at that medhod..
But when i tried to set a BreakPoint in "CreateFile"
and "CallNamedPipe" it dose not find the method in any
of the DLLs. 

In which DLL the both methods are present? Why i am
not able to find their definition to set the

How to make the program to procede further??

Any one working on the same program? (MS Media Player)

thank all for any help,

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