Doc building update, finally

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Wed Nov 27 11:30:23 CST 2002

Dustin Navea wrote:

>I finally got SGMLtools installed and went to build the doc.  Only
>problem is that instead of it outputting to files it prints the output
>on screen.  Is there a flag that I may be missing or what?  I'm using
>SGMLTools pre-compiled and built..  Downloaded from
>and installed using pkgtool which comes with slackware..
>P.S. Any outputs you need say from man or --help on docbook2html?
Well you are not the only one. I manually changed "SRCDIR = ." to "SRCDIR = .." in Makefile to make it work for me. The problem has shown up in bugzilla too. (bug 1164) 

I think that Vincent has not given up on this (yet?) However its not a simple fix since various distributions have thier db2html and docbook2html set up differently. he mentioned bypassing the whole issue by using our own db2html-winehq instead. I have mixed feelings about this but I see no other solution other than making configure unbearably complicated.

As far as your output what are the first couple of lines from "make html > make.log"

Tony Lambregts

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