Again Warcraft 3 - Wine CVS 20021125

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Nov 27 17:23:32 CST 2002

Ok. If your CVS is updated, you should have in wine/winedefault.reg :
# command line to start a debugger when an exception occurs
"Debugger"="winedbg --debugmsg -all %ld %ld"

the value you have currently in registry shows you haven't loaded the
winedefault.reg for a while.

you must just go intop wine source dir and issue "regedit
winedefault.reg". this will set all registry to correct values.

> 1) Why does it say again "Couldn't start debugger" under err:seh?
> Probably I 
> didn't understand very much how the debugger works...
The debugger is a winelib program called and can be
customized via the above registry key.
> Please do not answer me "Read the manual". I'm a newbie, but not so
> much: if I 
> post the question I do not understand what the manual is try to
> explain.

Ok, you know it's safe to run 'regedit winedefault.reg' regularily
(if you follow wine-cvs mailing archives, you know exactly when doing

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