Again Warcraft 3 - Wine CVS 20021125

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Nov 27 18:45:48 CST 2002

I say to you it isn't the case. :)
> Do not hate me, please.
> After download of CVS snapshot I compiled it from a dir in my home 
> (/home/leo/wine). There is winedefault.reg, but I do not understand
> if wine 
> reads it or the user.reg and system.reg in my .wine/ dir
The emulation of registry is based on .wine/system.reg

At the very start of wine these 2 files are empty/nonexistent => the
registry is empty.

To initiate it, you must import values into it via the program regedit.
Default values that works well are in winedefault.reg.

When you issue 'regedit winedefault.reg', this file is read and its
values are imported into system.reg and user.reg.

Now your debugger problem : 
you have installed a previous version some months ago and wine
architecture changed.
winedbg isn't at the same place as before.

You have the old value in system.reg so wine doesn't find it anymore.

running 'regedit winedefault.reg' will update your old values with new
ones and set the correct location for the debugger. (and many others)

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