compiling wine under cygwin - status

David Fraser davidf at
Thu Nov 28 01:48:46 CST 2002

Hi all

This is a brief indicator on what parts of wine compile successfully 
under cygwin and what give errors. Almost all the source code compiles 
successfully, but lots of things have linking problems. Note that I 
haven't yet tested the resulting parts that did link successfully.

The significant compilation problem is in server/context_i386.c: You 
must implement get/set_thread_context for your platform.
Basically there's some code that does the threading stuff which is 
platform-specific. There are Linux and BSD and Sun variants, none of 
which work under cygwin ... Basically sys/ptrace.h is what's missing.
This lets the process interrupt a child process and get/set its 
registers. Does anyone have any idea what the best way to write a 
replacement for cygwin would be? Maybe I need to ask the cygwin list.

My plan is to go through each one that doesn't link, look at all the 
errors, and  categorize them (many are the same problem spread accross 
various dlls), so that we can tackle the more widespread problems
first... Any help with this appreciated :-)


  advapi32 has errors
  avicap32 has errors
  avifil32 has errors
  cabinet has errors
  comcat  links
  comctl32  links
  commdlg has errors
  crtdll has errors
  crypt32  links
  d3d8 has errors
  dciman32  links
  ddraw has errors
  devenum  links
  dinput  links
  dinput8  links
  dplay  links
  dplayx  links
  dsound has errors
  gdi has errors
  glu32  links
  icmp  links
  imagehlp  links
  imm32  links
  kernel has errors
  lzexpand has errors
  mapi32  links
  mpr  links
  msacm has errors
  msdmo  links
  msimg32  links
  msisys has errors
  msnet32  links
  msvcrt has errors
  msvcrt20 has errors
  msvideo has errors
  netapi32  links
  ntdll has errors
  odbc32  links
  ole32 has errors
  oleaut32 has errors
  olecli has errors
  oledlg  links
  olepro32  links
  olesvr has errors
  opengl32 has errors
  psapi has errors
  qcap  links
  quartz  links
  rasapi32  links
  richedit has errors
  rpcrt4  links
  serialui  links
  setupapi has errors
  shdocvw  links
  shell32 has errors
  shfolder  links
  shlwapi  links
  snmpapi  links
  sti  links
  tapi32  links
  ttydrv has errors
  twain has errors
  url  links
  urlmon has errors
  user has errors
  version has errors
  win32s has errors
  winaspi has errors
  winedos has errors
  wineps has errors
  wininet has errors
  winmm has errors
  winnls has errors
  winsock has errors
  winspool has errors
  wintrust  links
  wow32  links
  wsock32  links
  x11drv has errors
  libwine.dll links successfully
  requires ntdll.dll
  libwine_uuid.a links successfully
  avitools/aviinfo.exe links
  avitools/aviplay.exe links
  clock/clock.exe links
  cmdlgtst/cmdlgtst.exe links
  control/control.exe links
  expand/expand.exe links
  osversioncheck/osversioncheck.exe links
  progman/progman.exe links
  regapi.exe/regapi.exe links
  regsvr32/regsvr32.exe links
  regtest/regtest.exe links
  uninstaller/uninstaller.exe links
  view/view.exe links
  wcmd/wcmd.exe links
  winefile/winefile.exe links
  winemine/winemine.exe links
  winepath/winepath.exe links
  winhelp/winhelp.exe links
  winhelp/hlp2sgml.exe links
  winver/winver.exe links
  winhelp.exe links
  context_i386.c has compile error (You must implement
get/set_thread_context for your platform)
  bin2res.exe links
  fnt2bdf.exe links
  makedep.exe links
  widl/widl.exe links
  winebuild/winebuild.exe links
  winedump/winedump.exe links
  wmc/wmc.exe links
  wpp/libwpp.a links
  wrc/wrc.exe links
  libwine_unicode.dll links
  libwine_unicode.a links

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