Last one for today :-)

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Nov 28 16:39:44 CST 2002

Le jeu 28/11/2002 à 17:24, Lionel Ulmer a écrit :
> re-reHi...
> This patch implements the 'GetRenderTarget' method for the IDirect3DDevice
> COM object. It is independant from all previously submitted patches (but to
> prevent 'fudging', it is better to commit after the GetDirect3D AddRef fix).
> With this series of patch, the Boids demo from the DX6 SDK is now running
> (it's not working because we are lacking some D3D code, but at least it does
> not crash :-) ).
> Changelog:
>  - implement GetRenderTarget

A bit too much work on your part I bet, as you forgot to attach the
patch ;-)


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