final int21 move

Jukka Heinonen jhei at
Fri Nov 29 06:18:20 CST 2002

This patch series starts to look more like what it should be.
Previous bugs seem to have been fixed and dependencies between
winedos and other dlls have been reduced close to minimum.
However, I still find some things that I don't particularly like:

- The series is actually one big patch divided into
  multiple files and not a series of incremental changes.
  The first patch in series breaks DOS3Call and error reporting of 
  some functions and these are only fixed in later patches.
- Old int21 functions contain some obvious bugs that really should
  be fixed at the same time the code is migrated to winedos.
- Move to winedos should not only migrate code but it should also
  try to rewrite code so that it has better comments, it is more
  readable and it uses simpler constructs. This patch series really
  messes up already complicated code. Intendations are irregular and weird. 
  Many newlines are missing. Some internal functions use INT21_ prefixes 
  and some don't. Functions that were implemented as separate helper
  functions are moved inside int21 main switch case. Three nested levels
  of switches are used without even proper indentation. And that comment 
  about shooting people is tasteless and really doesn't belong to Wine.

I just don't find the quality of this patch acceptable. I don't
decide these things but my personal opinion is that I would rather 
rewrite this patch series than see it accepted in its current state. 
I wouldn't mind if Nog or someone else works on int21 migration 
(that's why I haven't posted int21 patches already) but I don't see why 
I ought to lower my quality requirements due to this fact.

Jukka Heinonen <>

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